Tracking Progress of 2013/2014 Initiatives

Step 1:
Action plan and Champions in place
Step 2:
Initial implementation - Actions underway
Step 3:
Progress on priority actions for 2014
Step 4:
Some actions completed; Progress on others
Step 5:
Priority actions completed

The 2013 California Economic Summit on November 7-8, 2013, was an unprecedented gathering of more than 400 leaders representing every region of the state. It built on ideas shared by more than 1,700 participants in 16 regional meetings, who came together to focus on how to put California's economy on a sustainable path to growth.

At the Economic Summit, seven signature initiatives were identified as priority actions for the state. Together these initiatives represent vital steps California must take to advance our triple bottom line: a more prosperous economy, a sustainable environment, and community equity. 

The chart above reflects the progress each initiative is making toward full implementation. Click on the initiative for more information about its progress.