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Registration for the 2018 California Economic Summit is now open! The statewide event takes place in Santa Rosa on November 15-16.

The seventh annual statewide gathering of the state's largest public- and private-sector network will advance the progess made in workforce preparation, housing and community development, infrastructure and working landscapes.


The California Economic Summit has emerged as the only statewide venue with a comprehensive agenda for taking on the challenges of our time: reducing income inequality, increasing economic security and community resiliency in a time of climate change, bolstering wealth generation, and restoring upward mobility.

The diverse Summit network of leaders has championed initiatives aimed at the triple bottom line: seeking to simultaneously advance economic growth, ensure environmental quality, and provide opportunity for all.

The 2018 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity outlines the California Economic Summit’s plans for comprehensive agenda to address that challenge: 

1. Creating a set of economic mobility goals consistent with California's values and holding the state accountable by tracking progress toward lifting more people out of poverty

2. Ensuring rural regions aren’t left behind. Instead, striving to address their distinct challenges and improve rural-urban economic links

3. Building a new path for every California community to become more resilient to the disruption caused by natural disasters, climate change, and the economic uncertainty of the 21st century economy

4. Continuing the Summit’s “One Million Challenges,” ongoing initiatives to close gaps in skilled workers, livable communities, and well-paying jobs





Summit Wrap-up: Rebuilding Economic Mobility in 2017 and Beyond

This year represented a renewed focus on lifting up more Californians and continuing initiatives to build more housing, develop a skilled workforce, and create the infrastructure needed to support them.

Day Two: Spotlight turns to opening up access to higher education at 2017 Summit

Watch highlights from the 2016 Summit which drew more than 500 Californians to refine a roadmap to shared prosperity

Day One: 2017 Summit aims to elevate Californians into the middle class

Public and private leaders from all over the state say the Summit is addressing the right challenges


View the official Playbook & Program from the 2017 California Economic Summit

The 2017 Summit featured the largest network of public and private sector leaders committed to the triple bottom line, including

  • Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Senator Toni Atkins
  • Janet Napolitano, University of California President
  • Timothy White, California State University Chancellor
  • Eloy Oakley-Ortiz, California Community Colleges Chancellor
  • And More!

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More About The Summit

The California Economic Summit catalyzes public and private sector commitments to the triple bottom line: simultaneous growth in the economy, improvement in environmental quality, and increased opportunity for all.

The Summit is the premier venue for Californians from different regions and perspectives to craft solutions to the driving questions of our times:

  • California is leading on carbon reductions and has set some of the world’s most ambitious climate goals. How can we also make sure we are restoring upward mobility and producing middle-wage jobs that allow workers to flourish in a low-carbon economy?
  • California is the epicenter of the tech revolution, but amidst the rise of the robots, many workers fear for their jobs. How do we prepare Californians to thrive in an automated workplace? 
  • California has one of the world’s largest, most dynamic and diverse economies. Faced with rising living costs and infrastructure challenges, how can California maintain a competitive advantage?

No one else is going to solve this problem for California.

The Summit is a civic venture that requires contributions of time, talent and treasure. California Forward and the California Stewardship Network continue to convene hundreds of California experts and practitioners from all over the state. The California Economic Summit’s 2018 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity sets the course for the future.



What It Will Take to Elevate CA

The California Economic Summit, with its sights set on the state's economic mobility problem, has launched the 2018 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity.

The updated strategy guide takes on the biggest challenges that are widening the prosperity gap across the state.

After sharpening this strategy at the 2017 Summit in San Diego, the Summit’s expanding network of business, equity, environmental, and civic organizations have identified three major new initiatives to help lift every California community into prosperity.

The Summit also recommitted to the One Million Challenges, a set of ambitious goals to address workforce, housing, and infrastructure priorities in the next decade.


Read the full Roadmap: 2018 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity



The California Economic Summit gathers together leaders from across the state in an unprecedented way to create shared economic agenda, one developed by private, public, and civic champions from the state's diverse regions with the goal of expanding prosperity for all.

In advance of the 2017 California Economic Summit in San Diego, Summit leaders looked ahead to identify priority areas of action for advancing prosperity over the decade.

The resulting collaboration at the Summit helped launch the 2018 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity which is focused on accelerating progress in three key areas—Workforce, Housing and Water—while introducing three new major initiatives: pushing the state to set goals and track progress toward restoring upward mobility, ensure rural regions aren’t left behind, and demonstrate how every California community can make itself a model of resiliency.

In its first six years, the Summit network of business, equity, environmental, and civic organizations has rallied around a strategic vision for sustainable economic growth—and built a track record of advancing these shared goals of the state’s economic regions. For California to prosper, the Summit believes progress must be accelerated in three key areas. These are the One Million Challenges. In the next decade, private, civic, and public-sector leaders have pledged to work together—and hold themselves accountable—to produce:




Get involved with the Summit today to be a part of this process. Our work continues and we want to be sure your voice is heard!

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