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California Economic Summit Capitol Day
August 12, 2014

For information on the 2014 California Economic Summit - Capitol Day which took place on August 12 in Sacramento, please contact info @ or (916) 382-8799.

The California Economic Summit gathers together leaders from across the state in an unprecedented way to create a shared economic agenda, one developed by private, public, and civic champions from the state's diverse regions with the goal of expanding prosperity for all. 

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The Summit hosted regional activities throughout the state in 2014, leading up to the California Economic Summit - Capitol Day in Sacramento on August 12 to further engage legislators and state policymakers in the shared agenda for prosperity. The event included Action Team meetings with invited state leaders and a plenary session with regional and state panelists, as well as a networking reception.

Check out the 2014 Capitol Day program to see the agenda and list of speakers. 

Summit Plan to Advance Prosperity

To focus the Summit's effort in 2014 to improve regional competitiveness and job creation, the Summit has identified nine proposals the state could adopt this year to advance prosperity across California:

A Year of Action: Summit Plan to Advance Prosperity in 2014

2013 California Economic Summit

The 2013 California Economic Summit, held in Los Angeles in November, was the second annual gathering of leaders focused on working together to put California's economy on a sustainable path for growth.

Capping the work of sixteen regional forums and seven Action Teams, Summit participants concluded the twin pillars of immediate job creation and long-term competitiveness for California are:

  • Investing in people, infrastructure and innovation in creative ways to prepare our state and our regions to compete in the 21st century global economy
  • Streamlining our complex regulatory processes to reduce cost of doing business while maintaining our environmental standards.

Advancing the Triple Bottom Line

Read a great wrap-up of the important themes that came out of the second annual California Economic Summit:
"Three big ideas to emerge from the California Economic Summit"

Continuing the collaboration of California Forward and the California Stewardship Network, the California Economic Summit enables Action Teams working on seven priorities designed to advance the state's triple bottom line: a prosperous economy, a sustainable environment and community equity. 

Read the charters for the 2013 Action Teams:

Summit Prosperity Strategy

Following up on the work of the second annual California Economic Summit, A Year of Action: Summit Plan to Advance Prosperity in 2014 was released to set out the top priorities and the action plans for the year.

The California Economic Summit released its first Action Plan to reach its goals in 2012. The Plan included 7 priority areas--called Signature Initiatives. Read the Plan.

Summit Progress

We've built a Progress Tracker portal to show the status of our Signature Initiatives created to tackle problem areas identified at the Summit.

Summit Commitment

Participants of the first California Economic Summit took time to sign "A Commitment to California's Economic Prosperity," a statement of principles and purpose for the first Summit and beyond. Add your name to the Commitment.

Summit Playbook and Regional Results

The 2013 Summit Playbook, distributed at the Summit, shares a helpful overview of the Summit process and identifies specific actions that business, government, environmental, labor and community groups can take to secure California as the Golden State.

The 2013 Regional Economic Forums engaged over 1,700 regional leaders representing business, education, government, labor, environment and as well as elected officials to identify top priorities in workforce, infrastructure, regulations, innovation, capital, and other areas critical to the regions’ prosperity.

Read the 2013 Regional Forum Results report to see what each region picked as their most imporant priorities for action.

Summit Social

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Summit Attendee Reactions

Attendees of the first California Economic Summit completed a post-Summit survey. View the results.

Get involved today to be a part of this process.  Our work continues, and we want to be sure your voice is heard!

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