March 07, 2013 by Cheryl Getuiza

Video: CEQA lawsuit puts brakes on Sacramento Railyards project

"Sometimes CEQA is used for the wrong reasons. This was not an environmental issue at all."

Attorney Jeffrey Dorso is talking about the Sacramento Railyards Plan which is a 240 acre infill project that was approved by the Sacramento City Council six years ago. It still hasn't been built.

The idea was to build thousands of residential units, have big commercial space, open space and create an area that could absorb some of the significant growth that Sacramento expects in the coming years.

But two challengers to the project came forward and used the California Environmental Quality Act plus 155,000 documents to put a halt on the project. What's the holdup?

California Forward's Cheryl Getuiza explains.

Platform near the Railyards development site. (Photo Credit: Angel Cardenas)

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