Justin Ewers

Deputy Director - Policy & Communications

Justin Ewers is the deputy director of policy and communications for the California Economic Summit, an effort to create jobs and encourage sustainable communities across California. As lead author of the Summit's Roadmap to Shared Prosperity, Justin leads a policy and reporting team responsible for a broad range of Summit initiatives--from aligning workforce training programs with industry needs and expanding access to affordable housing to developing new ways to pay for infrastructure projects.

From 2010-2012, Justin worked on a CA Fwd communications team supporting Speak Up California, a statewide conversation about the importance of governance reform. He also served as the lead author of the Smart Government Framework, a strategic action plan for reforming the state’s governance system.

Prior to his work for California Forward, Justin spent a decade as a journalist, most recently as California correspondent for U.S. News & World Report, where he covered state politics and Silicon Valley.

Justin holds a master’s degree and bachelor’s degree in history from Stanford University.


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Momentum building in San Diego as coalition pushes for workforce housing
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Is Legislature doing all it will take to tackle housing crisis? Not yet, says Summit coalition
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Governor’s housing department releases list of options for addressing California’s housing crisis
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Mid-year progress report on Summit’s One Million Challenges
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REAL Coalition joins Summit in supporting career tech education in the state budget
One of California's largest business groups joins Summit in support of workforce funding in state budget before lawmakers this week.  Read More

Summit commends lawmakers for taking on housing—urges them to do more
Leaders support recognizing the scope of the housing problem but also push for broader, all-of-the-above strategy to address shortage. Read More

Summit leaders join Assembly Dems in pushing for new $1.3 billion affordable housing plan
Funding for affordable housing should be part of a more comprehensive solution to the state’s expanding housing crisis. Read More

California business leaders push for workforce training support in state budget
Legislators considering about $250 million in new state budget funding for career technical education programs at community colleges. Read More

Summit pushes Legislature to advance workforce training ideas in this year’s budget
Ensuring recommendations of a task force on workforce are adopted in this year’s state budget and related legislation is a key goal for the Summit in 2016 Read More

Summit shares ideas on ending sprawl, expanding water conservation with environmental leaders
Symposium highlighted need for allies beyond usual environmental groups in effort to craft land use and water plans for sustainable growth. Read More

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Governor signs local infrastructure financing bill in win for Summit
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How is progress on the Summit Roadmap to Shared Prosperity?
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Early signs of a deal emerge in special session on road maintenance
As the California Legislatures tries to wrangle a $60-billion backlog in state road and highway maintenance, bills are coming together to form a possible deal to help raise infrastructure funding while making sure they're spent in an accountable way.  Read More

What’s missing from California’s transportation special session
Fixing the state’s roads will take more than money--it will also take better governance. Summit team weighs in with ideas.  Read More

CA Fwd report: The coming revenue debate must look beyond politics
California has a rare opportunity to weigh in on a range of new tax proposals for infrastructure and other needs, but also to evaluate how well the proposals promote fairness and fiscal stability while encouraging economic growth. Read More

Summit: Employers want, need bigger role in workforce training
For California to develop the workforce necessary to remain globally competitive, employers must be given ways to play a larger role in the state’s workforce training system, the California Economic Summit emphasized in a letter to the task force charged with making community colleges more responsive to the state’s economy. Read More

12 new ways to close infrastructure funding gaps highlighted by CA Fwd and Economic Summit partners
Paying for badly needed maintenance for California's transportation system would benefit from using "fourth sector" models, which combine public, private and nonprofit resources for public good.  Read More

Summit releases plan for addressing affordable housing crisis, urges lawmakers to act
Housing team supports package of legislation to raise more housing funds but calls for more permanent solutions to growing problem. Read More

CA Fwd report: Prosperity depends on new approach to investing in infrastructure and education
New report highlights revenue options for making investments in top priorities for state regionally and statewide Read More

Consensus building around new infrastructure financing authority: “These tools can work”
Robust infrastructure funding tool being seen as smart alternative to defunct redevelopment authority Read More

Cities take notice of new authority to build transit and other needed infrastructure
Summit releases fact sheet on how to use new Enhanced Infrastructure Financing Districts Read More

Three things to watch for as lawmakers implement California water bond
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Year in Review: Summit hits targets, set to release 5-year prosperity roadmap
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A win for Summit, Governor signs bill to enhance local infrastructure development
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Lawmakers approve legislation giving cities more robust tools for building infrastructure
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Summit calls for review of CEQA Guidelines
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Major progress made toward top Summit priorities in state budget
State housing, workforce and infrastructure benefit from budget deals Read More

Summit ideas for California infrastructure continue to survive budget talks
How budget could boost infrastructure investment Read More

Summit leaders support more housing funding in state budget talks
Goal is creating a permanent source for affordable housing money in an expensive state Read More

How the Summit is working to advance its 11 drought recommendations
Where the drought, California water policy and Summit work intersect Read More

Studies show minimal economic impact from drought but water story doesn’t end there
California's long-term water problems go well beyond this year's drought Read More

Phil Isenberg says knowing who pays for your water could help end California’s water wars
The answer could change water politics for the better Read More

CA Fwd on rainy day fund: More consistent solution to boom and bust problem
Fund should provide some more certainty to a recovering economy Read More

Two big wins for California Economic Summit in governor’s revised budget
State economy should benefit from infrastructure, workforce changes Read More

Missing from this year’s water debate: Celeste Cantú knows a cheaper, better way
Why cities in Santa Ana watershed mostly unaffected by drought so far Read More

For first time in 30 years, California making almost no investments in affordable housing
It doesn’t have to be that way Read More

Water debate leading somewhere unexpected: Optimism
Drought causes conversation on water not happening before Read More

How strengthening the state’s rainy day fund can help California’s economy
What is the most effective way to get this done? Read More

What we’ve all been up to since the 2013 Summit
Highlights from the Summit’s progress so far in 2014 Read More

With water bond debate beginning to boil, three issues that must be resolved
$11 billion water bond has bare majority Read More

Who should distribute billions for water projects—and how?
One water bond proposal avoids earmarks and distributes funds differently Read More

Nature Conservancy aims to shift focus on drought to one number: 1.5 million
The California water system is out of balance every year Read More

How California’s $687 million drought emergency legislation aligns with Summit
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How Brown's proposals align with Summit's plan Read More

What will be in Governor Brown’s five-year infrastructure plan?
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Year-end report details nearly 600 commitments to support Summit’s emerging prosperity strategy
The best thinking from across California Read More

Summit sends Governor letter outlining strategy for infrastructure crisis
Plan would hold projects accountable with metrics Read More

Road repair ballot initiative would raise $3 billion a year. Even that’s not enough.
License fee increase would drop into infrastructure gap Read More

Three big ideas to emerge from the California Economic Summit
These ideas will drive the next step Read More

How to make high-priced California housing more affordable - An action plan
The high costs of expensive housing  Read More

Linking the state’s urban and rural regions: An action plan for California’s “working landscapes”
Sustainable approaches are critical for working landscapes Read More

How to drive economic growth by connecting capital with ideas: A capital action plan
To drive investment in local economies, businesses and entrepreneurs must have access to capital.  Read More

How to ensure California’s regulations support the triple bottom line: An action plan
This may be one of California’s most complicated, perennial policy challenges Read More

How to grow manufacturing jobs in California: An action plan for advancing manufacturing
High-tech manufacturing revival needs some fuel Read More

How to rebuild the state’s aging transportation and water system: An infrastructure plan
Roads and water at high risk Read More

How to prepare skilled workers for high-priority jobs: A workforce plan for California
California’s economy may be rebounding, but jobs aren’t growing everywhere they are needed Read More

Lt. governor and governor’s job czar lead Summit discussion about honing state economic strategy
“I’m enthusiastic about the progress that’s been made.” Read More

A new economic strategy for California: A summary of the 2013 Summit Action Plans
Breaking down what issues the Summit is tackling  Read More

What have we been up to? Update on 2012 Summit progress—and a look ahead at 2013
Rundown of latest Summit work Read More

CEQA Roundup: A few provisions get applause as governor quietly signs CEQA reform bill
Year of CEQA Reform yields step forward Read More

Water bonds, still in early stages, bob toward 2014 ballot
Legislature building a better water bond, out of shadow of Delta Tunnel plan Read More

CEQA Roundup: A win for the Kings and Steinberg. But for CEQA reform?
What does final arena bill do? Read More

CEQA Roundup: After meeting with governor, Steinberg puts comprehensive CEQA bill on hold
Senate leader shifts focus to arena Read More

CEQA Roundup: With vote coming this week, amendments reveal Steinberg’s scaled-back ambitions
Checking out the final reform bill Read More

CEQA Roundup: What would Steinberg’s bill actually do for infill?
Examining how far CEQA reforms would go as clock runs down  Read More

CEQA Roundup: With time running out, Steinberg doubles down on infill, tries to pull back business
Updating CEQA for infill projects, Steinberg made clear, is in.  Read More

Viewpoints – Chris Taylor: Bay Bridge doesn’t have to mark end of big California public works
California finds itself facing a $765 billion hole Read More

CEQA Roundup: Reform bill amendments reveal what’s been taken off the table
Changes to CEQA bill ratchet back reforms Read More

CEQA Roundup: Have negotiations really stalled?
CEQA may be nearing a political impasse only the governor can resolve Read More

Viewpoints - Anthony Rendon: How to bring accountability to the state water bond
Rendon tackles California's water situation Read More

A look at past proposals for tackling California’s infrastructure challenge
It’s not a new problem. That, at least, everyone can agree on.  Read More

Coming water fight: Promising signs from capital in water bond early stages
Legislature aligning with Smart Infrastructure Strategy Read More

CEQA Roundup: Debate over big changes to CEQA is happening, just not publicly
Still large, unresolved differences among the business interests, environmental groups, and labor unions Read More

Viewpoints - Glenda Humiston: Linking urban & rural areas will drive California’s economic growth
State infrastructure plan a golden opportunity to boost rural & urban economies Read More

What gets voters past ‘No’ on infrastructure spending in Bay Area county
Region gets managing infrastructure right but still faces $6B shortfall Read More

Viewpoints – Julie Kim: Time is right for California to tap private infrastructure financing
How California can cut its $765 billion infrastructure deficit almost in half Read More

Regional innovations - Redwood Coast: How to build an economic blueprint across a region
We go in depth on Redwood Coast's rural region prosperity plan highlighted at forum Read More

Viewpoints - Mark Pisano: California demographic changes demand new way to pay for infrastructure
California's population on collision course with shortfalls Read More

CEQA Roundup - The Good, Bad & Potentially Bad: What business thinks of reform bills
Taking stock of CEQA reform progress Read More

Road to the Summit: A good problem to have - Silicon Valley wrestles with its growth
Even California's tech boom hub lacks skilled workers Read More

CEQA Roundup: Reform wins unanimously in Senate, what to watch for next
The state Senate demonstrated overwhelming, bipartisan support for CEQA reform this week Read More

CEQA Roundup: Steinberg bill advances, as does enviro-backed legislation to expand law’s scope
The two bills that propose the most comprehensive changes to the law survived the committee process  Read More

Regional innovations - Sonoma: How a region can rally around closing the achievement gap
Nearly one in two Latino students in the county don’t graduate from high school. Read More

CEQA Roundup: Faced with budget uncertainty (again), how much can Steinberg do?
Senate leader juggles CEQA reform & budget questions Read More

Road to the Summit: Bay Area focuses on infrastructure at regional forum
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CEQA Roundup: Reform now in three flavors before legislature
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Regional innovations - Fresno: How to rebuild a mental health system in crisis
Budget cuts during the recession sent ripple effects through the area Read More

CEQA Roundup: Questions linger about speeding up CEQA process
SF supervisor takes own reform path while debate continues Read More

Regional innovations - Butte Region: How to build a “citizen army” to tackle community challenges
Crowd sourcing from the community Read More

CEQA Roundup: Muscle-flexing in Sacramento complicates reform debate
CEQA debate gets even more convoluted Read More

Silicon Valley says bring on the smart energy
For Silicon Valley leaders, the challenge was irresistible Read More

CEQA Roundup: Debate resets with Jerry Hill appointment
What new environmental chair means to CEQA reform Read More

CEQA Roundup: What’s next after Rubio?
The CEQA legislation has taken a backseat to the news story of Rubio's Senate departure.  Read More

Regional innovations - San Diego: How to bridge a mega-region’s urban and rural divide
San Diego, the Imperial Valley, and Baja California needed to find a way to work better together Read More

CEQA Roundup: Senate leader Steinberg intros CEQA bill hours after Rubio resigns
Senator to work as lobbyist; reform bill on its way, says Steinberg Read More

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The Inland Empire is playing catch-up  Read More

CEQA Roundup: Deadline looming but no word yet on reform specifics
Deadline looms for California Environmental Quality Act reform Read More

CEQA Roundup: Stakes go up after Texas showdown with new opposition forming
Governors, labor, newspapers & new pro-CEQA coalition weigh in as legislative deadline nears Read More

Dueling websites tell different stories about CEQA
CEQA reform sites highlight environmental law "successes" or "abuses" Read More

CEQA Roundup: Battle taking shape after Gov. Brown’s speech
Busy week as environmental reform adversaries trade fire & legislation introduced Read More

There’s a better way than CEQA: Urban Planner’s Perspective
The California environmental law causes urban sprawl, says planning leader Read More

New coalition of school & public works agencies signs on for CEQA reform
Group calls for specific reforms in CA environmental law Read More

CEQA Roundup - Who’s saying what this week
Roundup of news on efforts to reform or defend California's enviro quality act Read More

California jobs comeback gets top billing in Governor’s State of State
Brown highlights job growth but says much to be done with regulations, CEQA, workforce Read More

Middle ground exists on CEQA reform - Environmental attorney
Attorney wrote the book on CEQA, says compromise possible on abuse Read More

CEQA reform is long overdue – Environmental lawyer’s perspective
Attorney says CEQA lawsuits holding back environmentally conscious growth Read More

Where things stand on CEQA: Steinberg still pushing for reform
Senate leader gives update on environmental law reform after aborted attempt last year Read More

CEQA reform isn’t what it seems to be - Law professor’s perspective
California environmental law expert questions timing, motives of CEQA reformers Read More

New study finds infill & public transit projects caught up in CEQA net
CEQA lawsuit picture more complicated than groups on either side of reform say Read More

CEQA is a safety net: Environmental attorney’s perspective
Attorney says public participation via CEQA key to long-term planning Read More

California’s first patent office on track for 2013 opening
Will be center of education & legal help for CA startups  Read More

How to Get Nowhere in LA: 710 Freeway Quagmire
Finishing gap in SoCal freeway system is 50-year hard lesson in California infrastructure Read More

California’s next budget challenge is 50,000 miles long and $770 billion
Just getting California's roads, buildings in good repair vital to economy Read More

Micro-loans put capital in the hands of local California entrepreneurs
Chico nonprofit assisting small businesses attract funding Read More

Coalition gaining momentum to solve California’s water woes
There's more to fixing California water systems than building the Canal Read More

Climbing gas prices can’t slow down California’s auto sales
Supply and easing credit drive up California sales of cars. Read More

The new, new economy on California’s Redwood Coast
Rural economic development faces different challenges, same goals Read More

Coke Is It: Aiming for Water Neutrality by 2020
Beverage giant wades into California water issues because of pledge Read More

California’s Business Climate: The Comcast Kerfuffle
What does infamous Comcast statement & state's response say about the climate? Read More

California Water Wars: The View from the Mountains
Voice of California's rural north often lost in discussion of vital resource Read More