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2016 California Economic Summit

The 2016 California Economic Summit will take place in Sacramento on December 13-14, marking the fifth annual gathering of private, public and civic leaders from across California's diverse regions.

Participating in the Summit's year-round process with the goal of expanding opportunity for all, the network of business, equity, environmental, and civic organizations will come together in the capital for the 2016 Summit.

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2016 Summit News

Senator Feinstein Joins California Economic Summit

Organized by CA Fwd and the California Stewardship Network, Summit will gather for the fifth annual statewide meeting in Sacramento in December.

2015 California Economic Summit

More than 400 people came to the Inland Empire to participate in the 2015 Summit. Read our coverage of the fourth statewide gathering focused on regional, sustainable growth and the major challenges addressed via emerging action plans.

California Economic Summit sets bold goals

Fourth statewide gathering focused on regional, sustainable growth took on three major challenges: Water, Workforce and Housing.

VIDEO: Hundreds take part as 2015 Summit targets California’s big challenges

Hear what people said about the 2015 California Economic Summit and how it's working toward the goal of shared prosperity for all Californians.

VIDEO: What California leaders are saying about the Summit

At the 2015 California Economic Summit, leaders from around the state told us what they thought of the Summit process and its priorities.

Attendees give California Economic Summit big thumbs up

96 percent of respondents agreed that the Summit is focused on the right set of priorities for supporting sustainable prosperity.

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View the agenda for the 2015 California Economic Summit.

Dozens of state and regional policy leaders attended the Summit, including:

  • Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom
  • Treasurer John Chiang
  • Secretary of State Alex Padilla
  • Controller Betty Yee
  • University of California President Janet Napolitano
  • California State University Chancellor Timothy White


The Summit Playbook offers more detail on three challenges that were addressed at the 2015 Summit, along with a set of action plans that will be the top priority of the Summit network in the year ahead:

One million more skilled workers: The Summit has set a goal of improving the workforce pipeline—and closing this looming “skills gap”—by aligning the state’s expansive training and education programs with the needs of employers.

One million more homes: The Summit will lead a comprehensive effort aimed at reducing the costs and increasing the supply of housing.

One million more acre-feet of water each year: The Summit will support a renewed push for watershed management solutions that conserve, capture, and re-use enough water to achieve a sustainable water balance.

More About The Summit

The California Economic Summit catalyzes public and private sector commitments to the triple bottom line: simultaneous growth in the economy, improvement in environmental quality, and increased opportunity for all.

Check out the progress the Summit has made in the last year: "How is progress on the Summit Roadmap to Shared Prosperity?"

An example of the collaborative approach of the Summit, the Board of Governors of the California Community Colleges worked with Summit leaders on the 2015 Task Force on Workforce, Job Creation, and a Strong Economy. Over the next year, the Summit plans to support the formation of regional civic organizations in one or two regions to accelerate the Task Force’s recommendations—and increase alignment of workforce development programs and employers.

Additionally, a group of thoughtful, committed citizens played a critical role in helping the Legislature and Governor enact an “enhanced” version of infrastructure financing districts.

Officials in Southern California hope to use this tool to restore the Los Angeles River and officials in Northern California think it may be the foundation for more transit-oriented development in the heart of Silicon Valley.

This is the authority that smart leaders with ambitious ideas have been waiting for. Today’s complex challenges require integrated solutions – with multiple agencies tapping multiple funding sources to do together what they cannot do alone. The new authority – developed with significant contributions from the California Economic Summit’s Infrastructure action team – is emblematic of how the Summit is networking ambitious and expert Californians to solve the most pressing issues of our day.

The Summit is a spectacular and galvanizing event for hundreds of participants – most recently held in Ontario. But the Summit also is a vibrant coalition of public, private and civic sector problem-solvers working every day and all year long to align public policies to support regional prosperity.

The Summit is a civic venture that requires contributions of time, talent and treasure. California Forward and the California Stewardship Network continue to convene sixteen regional partners and seven action teams of more than 700 experts and practitioners from all over the state. The California Economic Summit’s Roadmap to Shared Prosperity: The One Million Challenges sets the course for the future.

(Photo Credit: Don Graham/Flickr)


The One Million Challenges

The California Economic Summit created the 2016 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity to highlight a set of ambitious goals—the One Million Challenges—that will be vital to expanding sustainable economic growth in every part of California. The Summit also welcomed U.S. Senator Dianne Feinstein as honorary chair of this multi-year effort to advance the priorities of the state’s regional economies.

After sharpening this strategy at the 2015 Summit in Ontario, the Summit’s expanding network of business, equity, environmental, and civic organizations have pledged to work together—and ahold themselves accountable—to producing, over the next decade:

One million more skilled workers

One million more homes

One million more acre-feet of water each year


The California Economic Summit gathers together leaders from across the state in an unprecedented way to create shared economic agenda, one developed by private, public, and civic champions from the state's diverse regions with the goal of expanding prosperity for all.

In advance of the 2015 California Economic Summit in Ontario, Summit leaders looked ahead to identify priority areas of action for advancing prosperity over the next five years.

The resulting collaboration at the Summit helped launch the 2016 Roadmap to Shared Prosperity which is focused on accelerating progress in three key areas--Workforce, Housing and Water.

In its first four years, the Summit network of business, equity, environmental, and civic organizations has rallied around a strategic vision for sustainable economic growth—and built a track record of advancing these shared goals of the state’s economic regions. For California to prosper, the Summit believes progress must be accelerated in three key areas. These are the One Million Challenges. In the next decade, private, civic, and public-sector leaders have pledged to work together—and hold themselves accountable—to produce:



Read a great wrap-up of the important themes that came out of the 2015 California Economic Summit:
"California Economic Summit sets bold goals"

Continuing the collaboration of California Forward and the California Stewardship Network, the California Economic Summit enables Action Teams working on seven priorities designed to advance the state's triple bottom line: a prosperous economy, a sustainable environment and community equity.

Read about the Summit's Action Teams:



We've built an Progress Tracker page to show the status of the priorities identified at regional forums across the state and developed at the annual statewide gathering.


Get involved with the Summit today to be a part of this process. Our work continues and we want to be sure your voice is heard!

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