Infrastructure Action Team

Action Team Co-Leads

  • Mark Pisano, USC Senior Fellow
  • Sean Randolph, Bay Area Council Economic Institute


Action Teams are chartered to address shared regional priorities critical to advancing the triple bottom line--growth in the economy, improvement in environmental quality, and increased opportunity for all.

Problem Statement

  • California’s infrastructure is not adequate to meet the needs of a 21st Century economy and promote global competitiveness, environmental sustainability, and equal opportunity.

  • With growing fiscal challenges, the State will have fewer resources to pay for infrastructure and finance long-term debt, yet California’s highly-centralized system for building infrastructure relies on large capital investments by state government.

  • The state only has the resources to pay for about half of the estimated $765 billion in infrastructure investments it must make over the next decade.

Goal Statement

  • Adopt a comprehensive approach to infrastructure planning, development, resource conservation and finance that is focused on economic growth, environmental sustainability, and equal opportunities for all.
  • Ensure that all levels of government have sufficient financing and project delivery authority to facilitate investment in support of state, regional and local economies.


To read more about the team’s activity, click on the Summit 2015 Progress Tracker. Check out the team’s accomplishments in 2012 and 2013-14, as well.

For more information about the action team, please email: