Housing Action Team

Action Team Co-Leads

  • Ray Pearl, California Housing Consortium
  • Cathy Creswell, CA Department of Housing and Community Development (former) and Creswell Consulting


Action Teams are chartered to address shared regional priorities critical to advancing the triple bottom line--growth in the economy, improvement in environmental quality, and increased opportunity for all.

Problem Statement

  • There is an undersupply of housing in California, contributing to significant price escalation and worsening affordability across the state.
  • California lacks an adequate supply and mix of housing, in the right location, affordable to families, the workforce and special needs communities.
  • High regulatory costs associated with housing production contribute to the housing shortage.
  • California’s housing shortage does and will continue to negatively impact the triple bottom line, constraining business access to a workforce and customer base, worsening affordability for low- and middle- income families, and worsening air quality and traffic congestion.

Goal Statement

  • Adequate supply of housing that aligns with current and future population demand and employment centers, including affordable housing for low-income workers and families as well as for vulnerable populations (e.g. disabled, homeless and seniors).
  • Diverse supply of housing with broad array of housing products available to residents from single-family detached homes to high-rise condominiums, to own or to rent.
  • Access to public transportation that allows people in all neighborhoods freedom of movement to access to good jobs, healthcare, and healthy food without owning a car.


To read more about the team’s activity, click on the Summit 2015 Progress Tracker. Check out the team’s accomplishments in 2012 and 2013-14, as well.

For more information about the action team, please email: info@caeconomy.org.

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