Housing Action Team 2013 Charter

In 2013, California Forward and the California Stewardship Network hosted Regional Forums attended by more than 1,700 business and civic leaders around the state. The forums resulted in top priorities to support middle class job growth and regional economies focused on advancing the triple bottom line of economy, environment and social equity. The 2013 Action Team Charters set down parameters, expectations and a work plan to move these priorities to statewide policy.

Housing is a cross-cutting issue to every initiative before the California Economic Summit stakeholder community. Housing is a major economic driver of any economic recovery and significant source of both direct and indirect jobs. And, under new laws such as SB 375, requiring housing and infrastructure be planned together, sensitivity to working landscapes, and other constraints, a robust program to recognize and assure adequate shelter is built for a growing population will require that infrastructure is planned for accordingly, constrained public funding is allocated in an efficient and effective way, and appropriate regulations are in place to assure success, among others. Finally, it is well-documented that the lack of housing in the right places results in overcrowding, doubling and tripling up of families in existing homes and apartments, contributes to traffic gridlock, poor air quality, unnecessary depletion of “green fields,” and declines in health and education.

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