Capital Action Team

Action Team Co-Leads

  • Greg Wendt, Stakeholders Capital
  • Seth Wilson, Cutting Edge Capital
  • Jim Gollub, James Gollub Associates

Senior Advisor

  • Gail Work, One Earth Ventures


Action Teams are chartered to address shared regional priorities critical to advancing the triple bottom line--growth in the economy, improvement in environmental quality, and increased opportunity for all.

Problem Statement

  • Existing firms and potential entrepreneurs require access to capital and a strong network of business services—both are currently inadequate.
  • More connection between various investors and investment opportunities need to be coordinated, region by region. There are gaps in the financial ecosystem and more intermediaries are needed throughout the financial continuum for all types of investments and all types of capital.
  • Impact investors and local residents interested in targeting specific regions, industries or firms lack effective intermediaries.

Goal Statement

  • Identify gaps, eliminate barriers, and establish appropriate intermediaries to increase access to capital.
  • Target investments that generate economic as well as social and environmental returns to California communities.


To read more about the team’s activity, click on the Summit 2015 Progress Tracker. Check out the team’s accomplishments in 2012 and 2013-14, as well.

For more information about the action team, please email: